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Chain guard

Cheata designed and manufactured chain guard

Clutch cut out and chrome muffler

Goliath clutch cut out and secondary custom chrome Muffler

Pedestal front engine mount

Unique pedestal front engine mount with vibration dampener

Goliath rear sprocket

Goliath decorative painted rear sprocket. All models have sprockets custom bored and bushed for concentricity and alignment.

Goliath micro engine plate adjuster and positive stop

Goliath micro engine plate adjuster and positive stop (Cheata designed and manufactured).

Chain tensioner and guide

Cheata designed and manufactured unique chain tensioner and guide.

Front fender and mounts

Front fender with Cheata design and manufactured mounts.

Cruiser seat

High quality custom cross stitched Cruiser seat. Available in brown, white and black.

Aviation grade fuel line

Goliath standard Aviation grade fuel line.

Front fender and mounts

Goliath cable and wire with braided sheathing.

Headset bearings and mount

High quality headset bearings and mount.

Rear drive sprocket

Cheata designed and manufactured rear drive sprocket integrated into hub. Wheels all built and trued at our plant.

Rear fender

Rear fender with Cheata designed and manufactured mounts.

Rear wheel

Rear wheel positive position lockdown and micro adjustor.

Front disc brake

Goliath front disc brake.