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Dan H.
Oak Creek, WI

“I had a great time last night on my Cheata Bike, rode it to the Brewers Game. I received so many looks from people, it performed flawlessly! Your shop guys do very good work and I can’t believe how little gas it uses! I’m very happy with it.”



Jeff M.
Brook Park, OH

“I have been in the market for some time attempting to locate the type of services and quality your business offers. I must say the product landscape is riddled with the DIY market (which is OK) and products that are less than adequate or mediocre at best. After locating your website and watching available videos your company gave me an excellent impression of a U.S. based shop of craftsman that utilize quality standards and above average services. Your business has a unique placement in the marketplace.”



Doug L.
Whitefish Bay, WI

“My Cheata Bike has been a ton of fun - it's pretty cool how it turns heads almost everywhere I go! My first season with the bike went very well. I've been very pleased with how easy it is to use and maintain. I can't wait until spring!”



Tommy W.
Whiting, IN

“To Ryan, thank you for the great customer service and for an unbelievable bike! Every time I ride it I feel the same way I felt when I received my first bike. Thank you so much for going above and beyond my expectations.”



Chief William Jessup
Chief of Police, City of South Milwaukee, WI

“Public Safety is a collaborative effort that requires strong relationships between law enforcement and the community it serves. We are very pleased with the Cheata motorized bike and find it to be a valuable tool that enhances those relationships through positive interaction with our community in a variety of settings. Our officers find the bike to be easy to maneuver in crowds, less fatiguing than mountain bikes in warm weather, and highly visible to the public when patrolling our parks and neighborhoods.”



Tom D.
West Palm Beach, FL

“I have been a proud Cheata Bike owner for a couple months now. Nothing more refreshing than a cruise along the beach after a long day of work! The team at Cheata Bikes made the whole process exceptional. From the custom touches to my bike through the ordering process to amazing owner support since delivery. I couldn’t be happier!”



Charles T.
Milwaukee, WI

“Cheata Bikes are a game changer. Since taking delivery of my Cheata Bike I have experienced multiple miles and smiles with little to no maintenance. The quality of a Cheata Bike is consistent with their customer service – second to none.”



Mike G.
Milwaukee, WI

“I will tell people about you as I pass words on about your SUPER BIKES!!! You all do a SUPER JOB & I THANK YOU FOR ALL ...”