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Cheata Bikes straddles the line between nostalgia and innovation — and both feet are firmly on the pedals! Our Motorized Bikes in Milwaukee blend classic designs with cutting-edge technology, offering a riding experience that’s uniquely modern and unmistakably vintage.

About Our Motor Bicycles

Our Motor Bikes in Milwaukee come equipped with high-quality 49cc, fully automatic, 4-cycle engines that are street legal in most states. At Cheata Bikes, we don’t just assemble parts; our engineers design, develop tooling, and custom machine many components on the motorbike. By modifying these components, we achieve maximum performance and reliability, reduce friction, and deliver a low-maintenance product.


The Cheata Bikes Advantage

At Cheata Bikes, we high-quality product at a competitive price. 

Cheata bikes stands alone in the market with the following

At Cheata Bikes Milwaukee, WI

We have a passion for perfection and a commitment to quality, design and the creative spirit. Our professional production methods allow us to provide the best product in the marketplace at a competitive price. We offer a 60 days labor and 120 days parts warranty (some restrictions apply) against manufacturing defects. When you own a Cheata Bike, you are part of a lifestyle and a member of the Cheata family. We pride ourselves on customer service and support. Not only before the sale, but most importantly, after  you purchase your bike.

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We are excited to offer you a discount on our Motor Bicycles. If you can wait for 3 months, you will receive a 5% discount. If you can wait for 6 months, you will receive a 10% discount. Pre-orders would require a 20% down payment

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Pre-orders would require a 20% down